Company Profile

Stakeholder Gold Corp. (TSX-V: SRC) has a fully owned subsidiary in Brazil (Victoria Mining Corporation “VMC”) which generates cash flow and operating profit from the production and sale of exotic blue quartzite blocks. The quartzite quarry is situated in the Municipality of Dom Joaquim in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Blue quartzite is quarried for export from Brazil’s unique stone quarry operations to the high-end, refined building materials markets of Europe, Asia, and North America.

Stakeholder also holds a 100% interest in the Ballarat Gold Project located in the heart of the White Gold District of the Yukon Territory (Canada). The Ballarat Project covers 7,442 hectares of ground located north of the Newmont Corp. (NYSE: NEM) Coffee Mine Project and south and west of the White Gold Corp. (TSX-V: WGO) White Gold Project within the Tintina Gold Belt.

Ballarat Gold Project White Gold District, Yukon Territory (Canada)

Stakeholder’s 100% owned Ballarat Gold Property is located 120 km southeast of Dawson City in the White Gold District of the Yukon Territory.

Ballarat Creek, which is fed from headwaters located on the Company’s Ballarat property, has been one of the most prolific placer gold producers of the White Gold District.

There are several gold occurrences on the Company’s Ballarat Gold Project which have been the focus of preliminary survey work, and which merit exploration follow up. In addition, more than 10 km of the Northern Gateway Road, which is being developed to traverse and service the Yukon’s White Gold District, is being constructed across the Company’s Ballarat claim area.

The Company’s Ballarat Project claim group also includes title to 10 claims located within the nearby Coffee Project which is being developed by Newmont Corp. (NYSE: NEM) south of the Yukon river.