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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I have been a stock holder for approximately one year. I am pleased to hear your news about Goldstorm. However, I do have some comments or questions as follows:

    1. If the opportunity at Goldstorm is so strong, why did not some of the former property owners conduct the needed exploration? Could it be as simple as they did not have the funds or could not arrange financing?

    2. Why hasn’t some mining company with deep pockets scooped up this opp by now? Such as Newmont next door?

    3. Speaking of funds, how does SKHRF have the needed funds for the Goldstorm exploration? I would guess any funds existing from last summer would be needed for this summer’s work at Ballarat. Will new funds be raised through more private share offerings?

    4. Would the approximately 6 to 9,000,000 shares of stock that SKHRF would issue to MVG over the next 12 to 13 months result in dilution of our current shares? Perhaps that won’t matter if the share price moves greatly higher?

    5. Are we singing the same song here but second verse. We have a spec opp at Ballarat that has not hit as yet but the potential is still there. We now have a second spec opp at Goldstorm that also has to be developed and may or may not hit. Of course, if either opp finds gold, then our share price will increase based on that fact. Until then, we are left only with the speculation of success to drive up the SP. I am not complaining, rather, just trying to clearly see the situation.

    6. I guess the best case scenario is that SKHRF finds substantial gold this summer at Ballarat and then at Goldstorm during the year of the first option. In the meantime, what type of plans does the company have for promoting the potential value of the stock to the buying public?

    I do appreciate your attention and effort.

    Bob Vowell

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